Feb 3, 2011

What Silverlight is, How it helps Business Applications(Very Quick Go through)

Silverlight is a cross platform/cross browser RIA(Rich Internet Application) technology.

SL is one of the Microsoft's coolest technology to make web application development Faster.

As I am .NET C sharp Programmer, I feel WPF & Silverlight is something which has very special reusability feature of Coding the similar GUI which can be used over WebApplication as well as Desktop application. (Sounds gr8 hmm... but ofcourse not as easy as it sounds ofcourse we knew the difference between web/desktop based apps.)

That Reusable code is something which is called as "XAML" (eXtensible Applicaiton Markup Language), which is a special format similar to XML format but with Microsoft's predefined schema.

Using SL one can very Rapidly code Web Based Business Application(There are lots more features but I feel to stick with business Apps more)

A crucial point, If we need to convert an Existing Desktop ERP consuming WebService/n-Tier Architecture to a Web Based Application then its always recommended by me to Use Silverlight (4/5) as a technology.

People Generally, compare Flash/Silverlight/Flex/JavaFx.. but I dont feel any such great point of comparison when it comes to a talk for developing Business Apps. As there are Rich Features like Printing, Interoperability with MS Office, NESL(Native Extension for Silverlight), Portable WebService(WCF RIA Services), Entity Data Model, Consumes Client memory Runs over client Side, Fast, Secure, OutOfBrowser Feature, trusted application, Charting, Reporting, ofcourse GUI/Animation with Smooth Interactivity.

I have very rapidly gone with above description from my mind for Silverlight 4, For exploring/elaborating more please refer to few official Sites of Silverlight:
Getting Started Silverlight
Silverlight 4
Silverlight Videos
Microsoft's Silverlight

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