Aug 5, 2011

Silverlight 4 Reporting Dashboard

Dear All,
I am currently working, for a very specific RnD, related to a Silverlight Dashboard Applicaiton which is data driven, having huge data.

There will be in all two types of data:
1). Online Data
2). Offline Data

Both type of data will combine to form a LIVE DATA, which will be finally accessed by user.
i.e., consider following steps to make scenario more clear:

Whenever user will be online, there will be a retrival of whole data in bulk from Internet, which will be saved to user's PC in specific format.

And, Whenever Internet is not available then also User, will be able to operate the Dashboard and can see offline data, and can click on various functionality and use the Dashboard.

After that, when internet access comes, only the NEW data should be downloaded, and appended to the data stored at users desk.

I would like all to take participate for the above Task:
Some Hints : Use Isolated Storage, Silverlight Caching..