Dec 13, 2011

Printing Indian Cheque Application in Silverlight

Hello Friends,

This time something different but a useful Printing application, I have developed using silverlight for our office use.

Our office admin, required cheque details printing utility, there were lots available in market, to download free of cost, but as usual for customization it charges. Also, there are desktop utility as well, I felt to make this facility live over web. Hence started this application

Code inside MainPage.xaml:

<UserControl x:Class="SL_Printing_Cheque.MainPage"
    d:DesignHeight="500" d:DesignWidth="800" xmlns:toolkit="" xmlns:sdk="">

    <Grid x:Name="LayoutRoot" Background="White">
            <Converters:Converter_Visibility x:Key="Converter_Visibility"/>
            <RowDefinition Height="50" />
            <RowDefinition Height="Auto" />
            <RowDefinition Height="260*" />
        <TextBlock Text="Cheque Printing Application" FontSize="16" FontWeight="Bold" Margin="10"/>

        <toolkit:Expander Grid.Row="1" Name="expander1"
                              ExpandDirection="Down" IsExpanded="False"
                              Header=" Configurations " >
            <Grid  HorizontalAlignment="Stretch" Name="grid1" VerticalAlignment="Stretch" Width="Auto" >
                    <RowDefinition Height="*" />
                    <RowDefinition Height="*" />
                    <RowDefinition Height="*" />
                    <RowDefinition Height="*" />
                    <ColumnDefinition Width="70"/>
                    <ColumnDefinition Width="70"/>
                    <ColumnDefinition Width="70"/>

                <TextBlock Grid.Row="0" Grid.Column="0" Text="Template:"/>
                <TextBlock Grid.Row="0" Grid.Column="4" Text="Company:"/>
                <TextBlock Grid.Row="1" Grid.Column="0" Text="Party:"/>
                <TextBlock Grid.Row="1" Grid.Column="4" Text="Auth Person:"/>
                <TextBlock Grid.Row="2" Grid.Column="0" Text="Amount:"/>
                <TextBlock Grid.Row="2" Grid.Column="2" Text="Date:"/>
                <TextBlock Grid.Row="2" Grid.Column="4" Text="A/c No:"/>

                <TextBlock Grid.Row="0" Grid.Column="1" Text="Axis Bank Template"/>

                <TextBox Grid.Row="0" Grid.Column="5" Grid.ColumnSpan="2"   Text="XYZ India Pvt. Ltd." Name="txt_Company" TextWrapping="Wrap"/>

                <TextBox Grid.Row="1" Grid.Column="1" Grid.ColumnSpan="3" x:Name="txt_Party" Text="Viral Rathod"/>

                <TextBox Grid.Row="1" Grid.Column="5" Grid.ColumnSpan="2" x:Name="txt_Auth_Person" Text="Mr. ABC "/>

                <TextBox Grid.Row="2" Grid.Column="1" Text="925" Name="txt_Amount"  LostFocus="txt_Amount_LostFocus"/>

                <sdk:DatePicker Grid.Row="2" Grid.Column="3" Name="dp_Date"  SelectedDateFormat="Short" SelectedDateChanged="dp_Date_SelectedDateChanged"/>

                <TextBox Grid.Row="2" Grid.Column="5" Name="txt_Ac_No"  Text="20955065633"/>

                <StackPanel Grid.Row="3" Grid.ColumnSpan="10" Orientation="Horizontal" >
                    <CheckBox x:Name="chkbx_AC_Pay" Content="A/c Pay  " IsChecked="True"/>
                    <CheckBox x:Name="chkbx_Bearer" Content="Bearer  " IsChecked="True"/>
                    <CheckBox x:Name="chkbx_Non_Negotiable" Content="Non Negotiable  " IsChecked="True"/>
                    <CheckBox x:Name="chkbx_Company" Content="Company &amp; Auth Person  " IsChecked="True"/>
                    <CheckBox x:Name="chkbx_AC_No" Content="A/c No.  " />

                    <Button Name="btnPrint"  Click="btnPrint_Click" Content="  Print  "/>

                    <Slider Name="slider_Opacity" Maximum="1" Minimum="0"  Width="100" Value="0.1" Margin="10,0,10,0"/>




        <Border Grid.Row="2" BorderBrush="Gray" BorderThickness="2" Background="Silver">
            <Canvas Name="canvas_PrintContent"  Background="White" Margin="20">
                <Image Source="/SL_Printing_Cheque;component/Images/axis.jpg" Opacity="{Binding ElementName=slider_Opacity,Path=Value}" Name="img"/>

                <TextBlock Visibility="{Binding ElementName=chkbx_AC_Pay, Path=IsChecked, Converter={StaticResource Converter_Visibility},  Mode=TwoWay}" Canvas.Left="83" Canvas.Top="23" Height="23" Text="A/c Pay Only" FontSize="14" FontWeight="Bold" FontFamily="Trebuchet MS" MouseLeftButtonDown="drag_MouseLeftButtonDown" />
                <TextBlock Visibility="{Binding ElementName=chkbx_Non_Negotiable, Converter={StaticResource Converter_Visibility}, Path=IsChecked, Mode=TwoWay}" Canvas.Left="176" Canvas.Top="23" Height="23" Text="Non Negotiable" FontSize="14" FontWeight="Bold" FontFamily="Trebuchet MS" MouseLeftButtonDown="drag_MouseLeftButtonDown" />

                <Border Name="tb_ACPAY"  Visibility="{Binding ElementName=chkbx_AC_Pay, Converter={StaticResource Converter_Visibility}, Path=IsChecked, Mode=TwoWay}"  Canvas.Left="81" Canvas.Top="23" Height="18" Width="88" BorderThickness="0,1,0,1" BorderBrush="Black"/>
                <Border Name="tb_NNEGO"  Visibility="{Binding ElementName=chkbx_Non_Negotiable, Converter={StaticResource Converter_Visibility}, Path=IsChecked, Mode=TwoWay}" Canvas.Left="173" Canvas.Top="23" Height="18"  Width="106" BorderThickness="0,1,0,1" BorderBrush="Black"/>

                <TextBlock Text=" 3  1 2  2 0 1 1" Canvas.Left="606" Canvas.Top="27" Name="tb_Date" FontFamily="Trebuchet MS" FontSize="11.90" MouseLeftButtonDown="drag_MouseLeftButtonDown" >
                        <ScaleTransform ScaleX="1.3"/>

                <TextBlock Text="{Binding ElementName=txt_Party, Path=Text}" Canvas.Left="66" Canvas.Top="66" FontFamily="Trebuchet MS" FontSize="14" MouseLeftButtonDown="drag_MouseLeftButtonDown" />

                <TextBlock x:Name="tb_Rupees" Text="Rs. Only" Canvas.Left="67" Canvas.Top="102" FontFamily="Trebuchet MS" FontSize="14" MouseLeftButtonDown="drag_MouseLeftButtonDown" />

                <TextBlock x:Name="tb_Ac_No" Text="{Binding ElementName=txt_Ac_No,Path=Text}" Canvas.Left="117" Canvas.Top="164" FontFamily="Trebuchet MS" FontSize="14" MouseLeftButtonDown="drag_MouseLeftButtonDown" />

                <StackPanel Canvas.Left="549" Canvas.Top="135" Orientation="Horizontal" MouseLeftButtonDown="drag_MouseLeftButtonDown">
                    <TextBlock Text=" **"  FontFamily="Trebuchet MS" FontSize="14"/>
                    <TextBlock Text="{Binding ElementName=txt_Amount, Path=Text}"  FontFamily="Trebuchet MS" FontSize="14"/>
                    <TextBlock Text="/--"  FontFamily="Trebuchet MS" FontSize="14"/>

                <TextBlock Text="{Binding ElementName=txt_Company, Path=Text}"
                           Visibility="{Binding ElementName=chkbx_Company, Converter={StaticResource Converter_Visibility}, Path=IsChecked, Mode=TwoWay}"
                           Canvas.Left="561" Canvas.Top="173" FontFamily="Trebuchet MS" FontSize="13"   MouseLeftButtonDown="drag_MouseLeftButtonDown" />

                <TextBlock Text="{Binding ElementName=txt_Auth_Person, Path=Text}"
                           Visibility="{Binding ElementName=chkbx_Company, Converter={StaticResource Converter_Visibility}, Path=IsChecked, Mode=TwoWay}"
                           Canvas.Left="561" Canvas.Top="247" FontFamily="Trebuchet MS" FontSize="13"   MouseLeftButtonDown="drag_MouseLeftButtonDown" />

                <TextBlock Visibility="{Binding ElementName=chkbx_Bearer, Converter={StaticResource Converter_Visibility}, Path=IsChecked, Mode=TwoWay}"  Text="XXXXXX" Canvas.Left="601" Canvas.Top="85" FontFamily="Trebuchet MS" FontSize="14" MouseLeftButtonDown="drag_MouseLeftButtonDown" />


Code Inside its CSharp page:
    public partial class MainPage : UserControl
        public MainPage()

        private void btnPrint_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
            PrintDocument doc = new PrintDocument();
            doc.PrintPage += doc_PrintPage;
            doc.Print("Cheque Print");
        void doc_PrintPage(object sender, PrintPageEventArgs e)
            img.Opacity = 0.0;
            e.PageVisual = canvas_PrintContent;

        private void txt_Amount_LostFocus(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
            int amount = Convert.ToInt32((sender as TextBox).Text);
            tb_Rupees.Text = "** " + Helper.ConvertAmountToSpelling(amount) + " Only **";

One Helper Class used to convert the Amount into String/text: 

    public static class Helper
        static  string[] units = new string[] { "ONE ", "TWO ", "THREE ", "FOUR ", "FIVE ", "SIX ", "SEVEN ", "EIGHT ", "NINE ", "TEN ", "ELEVEN ", "TWELEVE ", "THIRTEEN ", "FOURTEEN ", "FIFTEEN ", "SIXTEEN ", "SEVENTEEN ", "EIGHTEEN ", "NINTEEN " };
        static  string[] tens = new string[] { "TEN ", "TWENTY ", "THIRTY ", "FOURTY ", "FIFTY ", "SIXTY ", "SEVENTY ", "EIGHTY ", "NINTY " };
        static string[] thousands = new string[] { "TEN ", "TWENTY ", "THIRTY ", "FOURTY ", "FIFTY ", "SIXTY ", "SEVENTY ", "EIGHTY ", "NINTY " };
        static int i, num;

        public static string ConvertAmountToSpelling(int amount)
            string result = "";
            int len = amount.ToString().Length;
            num = amount;           

            if (num > 99 && num < 1000)
                i = num / 100;
                result = units[i - 1] + "HUNDRED ";
                num = num % 100;

            if (num > 19 && num < 100)
                i = num / 10;
                result = result + tens[i - 1];
                num = num % 10;

            if (num < 20 && num > 0)
                result += units[num - 1];

            return result;

 And Finally one Converter:

    public class Converter_Visibility : IValueConverter
        public object Convert(object value, Type targetType, object parameter, System.Globalization.CultureInfo culture)
            if (System.Convert.ToBoolean(value))
                return Visibility.Visible;
                return Visibility.Collapsed;

        public object ConvertBack(object value, Type targetType, object parameter, System.Globalization.CultureInfo culture)
            throw new NotImplementedException();

That's it we are done with the Cheque Printing Application using Silverlight, Soon I will be trying to make this tiny but useful application over live.

Dec 11, 2011

Microsoft Released Silverlight 5!

Hello Guys,

I was keenly waiting to make this post.. after the official release of Silverlight 5!!

I am so much happy to post this..

We will be definitely exploring, the features of SL5 more, just stay tuned.

Below is the reference Silverlight blog from which got to know about SL5 release.

Silverlight 5 Released

Summary of the features

(from the Silverlight 5 download package)

Improved media support

  • Low Latency Audio Playback
  • Variable Speed Playback
  • H/W Decode of H.264 media
  • DRM Key Rotation/LiveTV Playback
  • Application-Restricted Media

Improved Text support

  • Text Tracking & Leading
  • Linked Text Containers
  • OpenType and Pixel Snapped Text
  • Postscript vector printing
  • Performance improvements for Block Layout Engine.

Building next-generation business applications

  • PivotViewer
  • ClickCount
  • Listbox/ComboBox type-ahead text searching
  • Ancestor RelativeSource Binding
  • Implicit DataTemplates
  • DataContextChanged event
  • Added PropertyChanged to the UpdateSourceTrigger enum
  • Save File and Open File Dialog
  • Databinding Debugging
  • Custom Markup Extensions
  • Binding on Style Setters

Silverlight 5 performance improvements

  • Parser Performance Improvements
  • Network Latency Improvements
  • H/W accelerated rendering in IE9 windowless mode
  • Multicore JIT
  • 64-bit browser support

Graphics improvements

  • Improved Graphics stack
  • 3D

"Trusted Application" model

  • Multiple window support
  • Full-Trust in-browser
  • In-browser HTML support
  • Unrestricted File System Access
  • P/Invoke support

Tools improvements

  • Visual Studio Team Test support

Oct 14, 2011

Best Social Media Tools For Marketing Your Busines...

Best Social Media Tools For Marketing Your Business: Social media is a growing field to advertise your business. Twitter and Facebook are large websites where a company can have thousands or even millions of people interacting with them on a daily basis. It is impossible to interact with each and every one of those individuals. That is why businesses need to take advantage of the best social media tools for marketing your business.

Oct 1, 2011

Metro Style Application - A new Microsoft Technology

Hello friends,

Just before couple of weeks, I came to know about METRO STYLE Application - New Microsoft technology, which will be shipped along with Visual Studio 11.

Feeling too good hearing that:
  • This technology is using XAML, which is well known to WPF/Silverlight Developers.
  • Its in C++, C Sharp and VB languages
  • Windows 8 application programming base is having some relation with it(I am not exactly sure about this)
  • MVVM pattern masters will be having good advantages(cheers..)
  • And lot more to search from my side.
For a quick view, I please go through below mentioned link:
Building Metro Style Application

Hope, this would keep all pros, up to date with latest Microsoft technology releases.


Sep 30, 2011

Silverlight 5 R&D

Now a days, I am focusing over,

Silverlight RC 5 to start,
Web Analytic & Text Mining
Silverlight Analytic Framework MSAF

Sep 27, 2011

Getting Suggested spelling lists for any wrong spell list

Hi Friends,
I have just started working over one utility or better to say code which will give me list of suggestions words for a wrongly spell word.

Say for example:
For my word is "vurak"
Output : viral,quark,vera,aura,lurk

My word is "Indai"
Output: India,Indian,Indi

And few days before I have posted, above post to which I found solution from web, but this was so much time consuming to find and refine the codes, as everywhere spell checking utility is given over web, but our verge was different to go to spell suggestions. Below mention is the tiny code written in C#, using Visual Studio 2010

Spell Suggestion Utility

//Special References to add, I have not mention default references
using Microsoft.Office;
using Microsoft.Office.Interop;
using Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word;
//Method which returns CSV(Comma Seperated Values) of suggestions of words, for MyWord passed as parameter
private string GetSpellingSuggestions(string MyWord)
            Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word.Application app = new Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word.Application();
            string strReturn = "";
            if (MyWord.Trim().Length > 0)
                if (app.CheckSpelling(textBox3.Text))
                    strReturn += "Spelling is Correct \n";
                    foreach (object item in app.GetSpellingSuggestions(textBox3.Text))
                        strReturn += (item as SpellingSuggestion).Name+ "\n";
                strReturn = "Word is empty";

            return strReturn;
// Note: MS Office is required

Okay, thats it, you just need to copy and past above short method, I have done lot of search and found : Bing webService, AfterDeadline.dll, but for bulk data,which I have for Text Mining,  the above mention approach suits my application, hence I have used it :)

Do share your comments, regarding the same, and doubts, if any.

Thanks for going through my post :)

Sep 16, 2011

Silverlight 5 RC (Release Candidate) is out

Hello Friends,

It seems I am a bit late but not missed, to let you all Silverlighter know about the Released Candidate version of Silverlight 5 is out in market.

If you have already installed Silverlight 5 Beta version, then you may need to uninstall Beta first then, Install Silverlight 5 RC.


Aug 5, 2011

Silverlight 4 Reporting Dashboard

Dear All,
I am currently working, for a very specific RnD, related to a Silverlight Dashboard Applicaiton which is data driven, having huge data.

There will be in all two types of data:
1). Online Data
2). Offline Data

Both type of data will combine to form a LIVE DATA, which will be finally accessed by user.
i.e., consider following steps to make scenario more clear:

Whenever user will be online, there will be a retrival of whole data in bulk from Internet, which will be saved to user's PC in specific format.

And, Whenever Internet is not available then also User, will be able to operate the Dashboard and can see offline data, and can click on various functionality and use the Dashboard.

After that, when internet access comes, only the NEW data should be downloaded, and appended to the data stored at users desk.

I would like all to take participate for the above Task:
Some Hints : Use Isolated Storage, Silverlight Caching..

Jul 9, 2011

Using StringFormat for Binding in Silverlight: Viral Rathod

Dear Friends,

While, doing an optimization of our product, with my colleague RamKrishn Saini, we found some interesting stuff for Rapid coding and Performance in Silverlight 4.0 Application.

While Binding the DataGrid, inside a Text Column, we have previously used Converters, to Create our Require Date format inside our application. Which had consumed Time for coding and Performance of application as well.



<TextBlock Text="{Binding ENTRY_DATE,Converter={StaticResource ConvertFormatDateTime}}" / >

Code behind for Converter:

public class ConvertFormatDateTime : IValueConverter
public object Convert(object value, Type targetType, object parameter, CultureInfo culture)
if (value != null)
if (value.ToString().Contains("1/1/0001") || value.ToString().Contains("1900"))
return "-";
return System.Convert.ToDateTime(value).ToString();//("dd MMM yyyy hh:mm:ss");
return "";
public object ConvertBack(object value, Type targetType, object parameter, CultureInfo culture)
throw new NotImplementedException();

Output: 05 Jul 2011 5:37:22

Using String Format it very Easy to code which is as follows:



<TextBlock Text="{Binding Path= ENTRY_DATE,StringFormat=f}" />

Output: Tuesday, July 05, 2011 5:37 PM


No need to code more, just in Single line reflection, Following are some other formats for Date Time:

StringFormat=f : “Saturday, April 17, 2004 1:52 PM”
StringFormat=g : “4/17/2004 1:52 PM”
StringFormat=m : “April 17”
StringFormat=y : “April, 2004”
StringFormat=t : “1:52 PM”
StringFormat=u : “2004-04-17 13:52:45Z”
StringFormat=o : “2004-04-17T13:52:45.0000000”
StringFormat=’MM/dd/yy’ : “04/17/04”
StringFormat=’MMMM dd, yyyy g’ : “April 17, 2004 A.D.”
StringFormat=’hh:mm:ss.fff tt’ : “01:52:45.000 PM”

MDSN article for standard date formatting

MSDN article for custom date formatting

Thanks, for Reading this post. I will bring some more live scenario interesting facts soon.

May 31, 2011

Silverlight 4 Application Development MCTS S70-506 Exam

MCTS 70-506 (Silverlight 4 Application Development)
Microsoft Silverlight is widespread application development platform, the recent version 4 release adding to its efficiency. The technology has emerged considerably fast since its introduction in 2007. An enormous number of Silverlight certified, cert seekers as well as organizations' adoption of technology speak volumes about its future standing among the development platforms. Besides rich, immersive features that it renders make it securer option in certification.

Available in just English language, 70-506 exam (proctored) was released in January 2011 for Microsoft Silverlight developers. The candidates have experience with Silverlight and Microsoft.NET development and with consuming data services. The exam measures your capabilities in the following areas:

Arrange content with panels, implement and configure core controls, create user controls, implement a navigation framework, display collections of items, play media files, create or modify control styles, create control templates, create or modify data templates, manipulate visuals, animate visuals, implement behaviors, manage the visual state, handle events, consume services asynchronously, work with background threads, work with dependency properties, interact with attached properties, implement iCommand, format data, implement data binding, create and consume value converters, implement data validation, implement the printing API, create out-of-browser applications, access isolated storage, interact with the HTML DOM, access the clipboard, read from and write to the host file system, handle alternative input methods, create and consume resource dictionaries, implement localization and globalization, handle application-level events, configure the Silverlight plug-in, dynamically load application resources, and create a client access policy.

Good knowledge about the above fields will lead to successful certification attempt bringing you the title of Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS: Silverlight 4, Development). As of achieving the desired level of expertise, the choices may seem plenty, Microsoft 70-506 exam training, course books, e-learning resources, for instance, as well as self-paced tools available across the web. But it requires more than just sticking to one of these options to be able to clear 70-506 exam and actually benefit from your MCTS certification. Microsoft classes and courseware cost high and in wake of the expenditure most of the exam takers tend to look for online materials including questions and answers, practice test, study guide, preparation labs, audio and video exams in order to secure their success.

This is now a known fact that even those cert seekers who participate in IT exams, in general, and Microsoft 70-506 exam, in particular, take the aid of online learning and assessment resources to succeed on the first try of their exam.

There are some good reasons behind the phenomenon: reduced cost and study that it takes into it being the killer features, more suited to the hectic professional routines and tight economic conditions. Interactive software not only offers key materials to master the Silverlight (Microsoft 70-506) exam fundamentals but also keeps track of whatever you've learned from other sources. Plus, accurate evaluation in real-time environment, real PDF questions and answers, and expert instructions that these self-paced training tools render are to help aspirants achieve one projected goal-valuable success on the first attempt.

Article Source: Click Here

Apr 21, 2011

Release of Silverlight 5 Beta (13th April 2011)

On 13th April 2011, At MIX11, Scott Guthrie proudly announced the availability of Silverlight 5 Beta.

Following are some Enhanced features of Silverlight 5 Beta as Compared to Silverlight 4:
Multiclick support
Implicit data templates
Debugging inside binding in XAML
GPU-accelerated XNA-compatible 3D
Low-latency sound effects and WAV support
Real operating system windows and multi-display support
Many other Issues Resolved from SL3 & SL4

For, brief about Silverlight 5 Beta Following will be a good link:
Rapid Start
Form Discussion

For Installing Silverlight 5 Beta on your PC:
1. Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1 click here
2. Microsoft Silverlight 5 Beta Tools for Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1click here

Yet, the Date for Final release of Silverlight 5 is not declared, but its set to Release on second half of 2011 or upto the End of 2011.

Further more stuff, like tutorials and helps I will be posting later on.
Till then enjoy guys.

Mar 9, 2011

Configuring SSRS

Hi to all friends,

Well, due to a special request from a special friend I felt to put SSRS stuff over here.

What this Post contains
While integrating SSRS Report, the report.rdl file is loaded inside ReportViewer Control but, An issue occurs, that the report asks for Credentials Every Time.
This post contains C# code which can set Credentials dynamically from Web.config which may resolve the issue.

Prior Knowledge Required
To go through this Post, a programmer requires a prior knowledge of SSRS Reports Developing and Deploying.
[Its consider in prior that A Programmer is aware about 1),2),3),4) & 5) Points]

1). MIS.rdl File is uploaded over SSRS.

2). form_Report_Stock.aspx & form_Report_Stock.aspx.cs Both Page are well coded including ReportViewer Control.

3). form_Report_Stock.aspx.cs
using Microsoft.Reporting.WebForms;

4). form_Report_Stock.aspx
<%@ Register Assembly="Microsoft.ReportViewer.WebForms, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a"
Namespace="Microsoft.Reporting.WebForms" TagPrefix="rsweb" %>

5). form_Report_Stock.aspx.cs
Inside Page Load event of write following code:

if (!IsPostBack && !IsCallback)
List parameters = new List();
parameters.Add(new ReportParameter("P01Name","P01Value"));
parameters.Add(new ReportParameter("P02Name","P02Value"));
parameters.Add(new ReportParameter("P03Name","P03Value"));
parameters.Add(new ReportParameter("Connection_String",str_Cn)); //P04Name may Contain Connection String
ReportServiceUtilities.PrepareReport(rvControl,"Report_Name", parameters);

You need to download the ReportServiceUtilities.cs Class.

Also, Note to confirm following settings over SSRS:





You will be able to set the SSRS Report Credentials Dynamically.

For any doubts please Leave comments,
I will try to revert ASAP for any issue.


Mar 2, 2011

Tata Power may commission first unit of Mundra project by Sept
BS Reporter / Mumbai December 18, 2010, 0:35 IST

Tata Power is all set to commission the first 800-Mw unit of India’s first ultra mega power project at Mundra in Gujarat by September 2011.

Coastal Gujarat Power Ltd, the special purpose vehicle implementing the 4,000-Mw (5x800-Mw) project, had completed 65 per cent of the work, the country’s largest private sector power utility said in a recent analyst presentation. About 11,000 people are working on the site to meet the deadlines.

Erection of boiler pressure parts for the final three units and work on chimneys and 400-Kv switch yard are proceeding as per schedule. Structural fabrication of external coal handling system is 85 per cent complete, but requires diversion of a village road to complete the remaining work. Coal jetty with ship unloading facilities is expected to be ready this month.

Distributed control system switch on and boiler hydro testing of the second unit were successfully completed in September. Work is in progress on the 400-Kv power evacuation lines and efforts are on to obtain the required right of way in time for one of the sections of the line.

Tight project timelines for transmission and generation commissioning and smooth coordination across multiple vendors on site will be crucial to the project progress, said Tata Power.

After the commissioning of the first unit in September, the company hoped to commission the remaining four units at an interval of every four months, said Tata Power.

Out of the total project cost of Rs 17,000 crore, Tata Power had invested Rs 5,816 crore as debt and Rs 2,937 crore as equity investment till the second quarter of 2010-11. The project is funded on a 75:25 debt-to-equity ratio by a consortium of banks, including State Bank of India, International Finance Corporation, Asian Development Bank, KEIC and K-Exim.

The imported coal-based project requires 11-12 million tonnes per annum (mtpa) coal and Tata Power has off-take agreements for about 10.11 mtpa with KPC and Arutmin mines of Bumi resources, in which the company had picked up stakes a few years ago. The company is also scouting for additional mines in Australia, Mozambique and South Africa.

Tata Power has also floated a shipping subsidiary, Trust Energy Resources, with base in Singapore for owning ships to meet shipping requirements and trading in fuels. Another subsidiary, Energy Eastern, was also floated for chartering of ships. It is estimated that the Mundra project will require eight vessels to ship coal. The company has purchased two Korean-build vessels scheduled for delivery by 2011 and has already chartered three vessels to import coal from Indonesia.

Android 2.2 Froyo Web Browser Issue Resolved

Hi, Friends,
This is for Android 2.2 Froyo OS Users
Especially for,
LG Optimus One (Android 2.2) Mobile Users

I have both Wi-fi Internet & GPRS (2G) Internet facility on my cell (Above mentioned).
Once I have by mistake kept both Net Using functionality on.
From that day, there was an issue inside the Web Browser, which was not able to connect to Internet using GPRS(2G), Although it was working fine with Wi-Fi connection. I was looking for its solution since few weeks but in vain.

Many fake stuff found were:
Browser Setting Issues, Tata Sim Card Net usage Finished, Some Network Coverage Issue,
Need to Reset mobile, Change factory Settings.

Finally I got the Solution
From Combine efforts of Mine & One good fellow (Dharmeshbhai, Nokia Priority, Poddar Arcrade), I got the solution as: Inside Settings->Wireless & Network Settings->Mobile Networks->Access Point Names->Reset to default
took 30 seconds of process and then Done as and when I started my Web Browser of LG Optimus One.

Hope this might be helpfull for other Android(2.2) Froyo LG Optimus One Web Browser Users.

Viral Rathod
(Mo. 09725116400)

Feb 6, 2011

Dynamically Loading XAP File inside a Silverlight Parent XAP.

Hello all, tonight I just had one of the developer asking for Dynamic Loading XAP file inside a XAP file, in Silvelight 4.
I knew very well that, over Internet people may get various helps, but I feel to share this concept by developing a small demo application prepared by me.

Following is the stuff which I had thought before Developing:

1. I will Create Default Silverlight Application with a Host Page (i.e, Web Site Project will be added too)

2. Add New Silverlight Child Application to it. Compile it and get XAP

3. Will Download the Child XAP file over Client and then load it into the Control.

Step by Step Go through:
(1). Simply Create New Silverlight appliation with a Web Application Project

Do following code inside XAML (just to show an appropriate User Interface)

(2). Add New Silverlight Applicatin Project, Name it as (ChildToLoad).
It will give us a xap file which we will be going to download in side our main project.
For better understanding, of other Silverlight features, I have taken below shown UserInterface and coded accordingly.

(3). To Download The xap File Dynamically, use WebClient object and then parse the downloaded stream into a .xap file Render it into a control and Load it as a UserControl

The Source Code for the above app can be downloaded from the below link

Hope you enjoy it.

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Feb 3, 2011

What Silverlight is, How it helps Business Applications(Very Quick Go through)

Silverlight is a cross platform/cross browser RIA(Rich Internet Application) technology.

SL is one of the Microsoft's coolest technology to make web application development Faster.

As I am .NET C sharp Programmer, I feel WPF & Silverlight is something which has very special reusability feature of Coding the similar GUI which can be used over WebApplication as well as Desktop application. (Sounds gr8 hmm... but ofcourse not as easy as it sounds ofcourse we knew the difference between web/desktop based apps.)

That Reusable code is something which is called as "XAML" (eXtensible Applicaiton Markup Language), which is a special format similar to XML format but with Microsoft's predefined schema.

Using SL one can very Rapidly code Web Based Business Application(There are lots more features but I feel to stick with business Apps more)

A crucial point, If we need to convert an Existing Desktop ERP consuming WebService/n-Tier Architecture to a Web Based Application then its always recommended by me to Use Silverlight (4/5) as a technology.

People Generally, compare Flash/Silverlight/Flex/JavaFx.. but I dont feel any such great point of comparison when it comes to a talk for developing Business Apps. As there are Rich Features like Printing, Interoperability with MS Office, NESL(Native Extension for Silverlight), Portable WebService(WCF RIA Services), Entity Data Model, Consumes Client memory Runs over client Side, Fast, Secure, OutOfBrowser Feature, trusted application, Charting, Reporting, ofcourse GUI/Animation with Smooth Interactivity.

I have very rapidly gone with above description from my mind for Silverlight 4, For exploring/elaborating more please refer to few official Sites of Silverlight:
Getting Started Silverlight
Silverlight 4
Silverlight Videos
Microsoft's Silverlight

Feb 2, 2011

Hi to all pros.
From my Experience, I feel to start up writing my blogs,
Do follow, if you want to learn & Develop Rapidly any Web appllication OR Web Based Business Application (ERP), using Microsoft's Latest technologies.
I have my speciality over following topics:
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