Aug 5, 2011

Silverlight 4 Reporting Dashboard

Dear All,
I am currently working, for a very specific RnD, related to a Silverlight Dashboard Applicaiton which is data driven, having huge data.

There will be in all two types of data:
1). Online Data
2). Offline Data

Both type of data will combine to form a LIVE DATA, which will be finally accessed by user.
i.e., consider following steps to make scenario more clear:

Whenever user will be online, there will be a retrival of whole data in bulk from Internet, which will be saved to user's PC in specific format.

And, Whenever Internet is not available then also User, will be able to operate the Dashboard and can see offline data, and can click on various functionality and use the Dashboard.

After that, when internet access comes, only the NEW data should be downloaded, and appended to the data stored at users desk.

I would like all to take participate for the above Task:
Some Hints : Use Isolated Storage, Silverlight Caching..


  1. it should work like mail client....

  2. In my opinion, you need to manage offline snapshot of live data. For that, there should be some versioning attached to that offline user store against which you can validate live data to fetch as NEW. Versioning can be in form of diff. checkpoints like Date stamp or guid value. You can divide your data fetch logic upto those check points and always ensure proper retrieval of new data. Suppose you are having 4 check points as A, B, C & D. And you you store data between B & C. Than next time, you should fetch from B to form complete set without any data loss or data redundency.

    And I think you can use cache block from Ent Lib 5.

    Watch this for more:

    The use of such lib will make your solution scalable.

  3. @Harsh,

    Yes, you are right, base concept is that.
    Like how we use Outlook :)

  4. @Jay,

    Hey, thanks for such techiee stuff,
    I had gone through its overview, It seems, its the same which I am looking for.
    Its RnD and I have to go in depth, will do that and update my post soon.

    Thanks Again !! for your valuable help.