Aug 26, 2012

MVVM with javascript HTML5, Is it possible?

Excellent news for the programmers using MVVM pattern in WPF/Silverlight.

MVVM (Model, View & ViewModel), the coding architecture pattern is booming now a days with Microsoft's latest technology, especially in WPF.  I was having a telephonic talk with one of my techi friend, Jay Nanavaty, and he shared very interesting concept of following MVVM pattern in javascript.

While using WPF/Xaml/C# combination in Silverlight/WPF applications we were able to used MVVM coding architecture pattern, because of various features like INotifyPropertyChanged, ICommand, ObservableCollection..  

Now, what if, we need to use MVVM pattern with javascript / HTML5?  definitely we need above mention feature set to make use of MVVM pattern, such feature were not supported by javascript.

I would like to share one interesting javascript library which allows developers to create rich, responsive display and editor user interfaces with a clean underlying data model, supports MVVM pattern known as 

Features of Knockoutjs:
  • Free, open source (MIT license)
  • Pure JavaScript — works with any web framework
  • Small & lightweight — 40kb minified
    • Reduces to 14kb when using HTTP compression
  • No dependencies
  • Supports all mainstream browsers
    IE 6+, Firefox 2+, Chrome, Opera, Safari (desktop/mobile)
  • Fully documented
    API docs, live examples, and interactive tutorials included
More historical details can be seen over here Wikipedia Knockoutjs

Comparing KnockoutJS with Silverlight:

Here, what I feel is actually, we cannot compare JavaScript with the powerfull C# and  xaml used in Silverlight. But if we just talk about the final output using each technology, then it is achievable using KnockoutJS, as we can get Rich User Interface similar to Silverlight using KnockoutJS.

An Excellent, article is given over code project for a demo project developed using KnockoutJS and also using Silverlight. Here is the link of it KnockoutJS vs Silverlight

For those who are more interested to learn more about KnockoutJS. Here is the link of Building Single Page Apps with Knockout, jQuery, and Web API

Great thanks folks for going through this post, Do drop any comments/suggestions/concerns below.

Viral Rathod.

Jul 2, 2012

Join Free Webinar for Silverlight Developers, worth knowing stuff of Windows 8

I got an email from SilverlightShow regarding a very interesting and free webinar on Windows 8 application development, especially for Silverlight Developers.

In this session, Silverlight MVP Michael Crump will look at how Silverlight developers skills translate over to WinRT. He will dive straight into 10 things that he has discovered while working with WinRT. You will quickly find out just how much you will need to learn to work with this new platform.  Really, Interesting for SL pros isn't it.

1. Starting with the Fundamentals
2. Application Lifecycle
3. XML/Code Namespaces
4. Making WebRequest - Async
5. Storage
6. Navigation
7. Controls
8. Animations
9. Freebies
10. Monetizin

Presenter: Michael Crump | Register for this session

I had a plan to attend it:  see your local time

Hope to see you there.
Viral Rathod

Jun 4, 2012

Windows 8 and Visual Studio 2012 RC release

"Microsoft is rocking now a days, and seems days are not far for windows 8 Operating system and Windows Phone 7 Mobile Operating system, to lead the IT word", are my feeling while expressing the joy of sharing Windows 8 Release Preview and Visual Studio 2012 RC.

Windows 8 : 

Installing Visual Studio Ultimate 2012 RC:

Working screen of Visual Studio 2012 RC:

Below are few useful links:

Windows 8 Release Preview

Tools & SDK

Visual Studio 2012 RC

Do leave your comments, whether it's helpful. Do share some interesting stuff as well.


Silverlight 5 in ACTION released!!

Its great news for Silverlight Developers, there is one more ebook released:
"Silverlight in ACTION" 

Book Description by Amazon:

Microsoft's Silverlight is the only development platform that combines the performance, security, and flexibility of a desktop application with cross-platform deployment. The latest version, Silverlight 5, offers tons of new features including improved video, audio, and text rendering, enhanced MVVM support, XNA-based 3D and sound APIs, and under-the-hood performance upgrades.

Silverlight 5 in Action is a thorough revision of the bestselling Silverlight 4 in Action. This comprehensive guide teaches Silverlight from the ground up, covering all the new v. 5 features in depth. It also explores WCF RIA Services, MVVM, and more, with dozens of code samples that can be used in Visual Studio 2010 or the free Visual Web Developer 2010 Express.

June 2, 2012

One can have this book from: Purchase Online

Related to author and release of "Silverlight 5 IN ACTION" : Pete Brown

Thanks for reading and do enter your comments or feelings for the mentioned book.


Jun 3, 2012

Store Image into database using Silverlight

Now a days, security is more concern over web, is what people are feeling. Even few websites wants to secure their images as well. 

I just had a thought of storing images into database, and to achieve the same stuff first I have gone through the currently followed process, in which we are using & MS SQL Server (we upload file from client through front end and save it over Server side then store the binary content of file into database).

Rather, I tried to achieve using RICH Silverlight, SECURE web services & MS SQL Server Database.(wow sounds exiting ya!) Its architecture is as follows:

There is a special Advantage of storing the file into binary content into Database, which is hackers will not be able implement Steganography .
Also, If the process implemented using Silverlight Rich User Interface, then there will be a huge saving of Server side process, as binary conversion process will went to client side.

Below is the screen shot of Image Upload Download Application developed using Silverlight:

The source code of Image Upload Download application using Silverlight is over here. you may download and try yourself. Do share your queries, if any.

Enjoy pros!! Cheers.

May 2, 2012

Andriod coding made easy for C# developers

Hi to all,

I was thinking to enhance my technology domain to Silverlight with Windows Phone 7.

And I came across, a post mentioning C# developers can develop an Android application too.

The IDE used is Visual Studio 2010, to develop Android application.

There are various tools availabe in market like:  Monodroid, WinGDP, Android for C++ 

I have tried installing, Monodroid one, its easy to install as follows:

Let me work over it for few days, will post another blog regarding further steps ahead.

Stay tune, and give your feedback so that i can improve.

I also found one interesting article mentioning WP7 & Android developed Application conclusion.  Compare WP7 and Android development

Feb 6, 2012

Metro and WinRT Webinar by: Gill Cleeren

I am glad to share, regarding a free webinar, held on Metro & WinRT for Silverlight/WPF developers.

Contents were:
•    General XAML stuff for Windows 8
•    Old Silverlight controls and new controls
•    Finding your way with navigation

One can find the recording & the PPT of the same from below mention link:

Part 1 Recording

Part-2 is about to conduct on 9th Feb 2012, Thursday. 11:30 IST
Register for Part-2
Cheers, to Silverlight/WPF Developers to get something new!!


Jan 18, 2012