May 2, 2012

Andriod coding made easy for C# developers

Hi to all,

I was thinking to enhance my technology domain to Silverlight with Windows Phone 7.

And I came across, a post mentioning C# developers can develop an Android application too.

The IDE used is Visual Studio 2010, to develop Android application.

There are various tools availabe in market like:  Monodroid, WinGDP, Android for C++ 

I have tried installing, Monodroid one, its easy to install as follows:

Let me work over it for few days, will post another blog regarding further steps ahead.

Stay tune, and give your feedback so that i can improve.

I also found one interesting article mentioning WP7 & Android developed Application conclusion.  Compare WP7 and Android development


  1. One more interesting tool suggested by my colleague,

  2. Very interesting article, containing a brief about the history/evaluation of Monodroid is here in below link.