Jul 2, 2012

Join Free Webinar for Silverlight Developers, worth knowing stuff of Windows 8

I got an email from SilverlightShow regarding a very interesting and free webinar on Windows 8 application development, especially for Silverlight Developers.

In this session, Silverlight MVP Michael Crump will look at how Silverlight developers skills translate over to WinRT. He will dive straight into 10 things that he has discovered while working with WinRT. You will quickly find out just how much you will need to learn to work with this new platform.  Really, Interesting for SL pros isn't it.

1. Starting with the Fundamentals
2. Application Lifecycle
3. XML/Code Namespaces
4. Making WebRequest - Async
5. Storage
6. Navigation
7. Controls
8. Animations
9. Freebies
10. Monetizin

Presenter: Michael Crump | Register for this session

I had a plan to attend it:  see your local time

Hope to see you there.
Viral Rathod

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  1. Hi there!! all can download the video of webinar from below mention link:

    Video Link Download

    Viral Rathod.