Jun 3, 2012

Store Image into database using Silverlight

Now a days, security is more concern over web, is what people are feeling. Even few websites wants to secure their images as well. 

I just had a thought of storing images into database, and to achieve the same stuff first I have gone through the currently followed process, in which we are using ASP.net & MS SQL Server (we upload file from client through asp.net front end and save it over Server side then store the binary content of file into database).

Rather, I tried to achieve using RICH Silverlight, SECURE web services & MS SQL Server Database.(wow sounds exiting ya!) Its architecture is as follows:

There is a special Advantage of storing the file into binary content into Database, which is hackers will not be able implement Steganography .
Also, If the process implemented using Silverlight Rich User Interface, then there will be a huge saving of Server side process, as binary conversion process will went to client side.

Below is the screen shot of Image Upload Download Application developed using Silverlight:

The source code of Image Upload Download application using Silverlight is over here. you may download and try yourself. Do share your queries, if any.

Enjoy pros!! Cheers.


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  2. Hi Viral,
    How to implement your concept for webcam image upload,save and retrieve?