Oct 1, 2011

Metro Style Application - A new Microsoft Technology

Hello friends,

Just before couple of weeks, I came to know about METRO STYLE Application - New Microsoft technology, which will be shipped along with Visual Studio 11.

Feeling too good hearing that:
  • This technology is using XAML, which is well known to WPF/Silverlight Developers.
  • Its in C++, C Sharp and VB languages
  • Windows 8 application programming base is having some relation with it(I am not exactly sure about this)
  • MVVM pattern masters will be having good advantages(cheers..)
  • And lot more to search from my side.
For a quick view, I please go through below mentioned link:
Building Metro Style Application

Hope, this would keep all pros, up to date with latest Microsoft technology releases.


1 comment:

  1. This is very good for who's working with XAML. Thaks to posting valuable information.