May 31, 2011

Silverlight 4 Application Development MCTS S70-506 Exam

MCTS 70-506 (Silverlight 4 Application Development)
Microsoft Silverlight is widespread application development platform, the recent version 4 release adding to its efficiency. The technology has emerged considerably fast since its introduction in 2007. An enormous number of Silverlight certified, cert seekers as well as organizations' adoption of technology speak volumes about its future standing among the development platforms. Besides rich, immersive features that it renders make it securer option in certification.

Available in just English language, 70-506 exam (proctored) was released in January 2011 for Microsoft Silverlight developers. The candidates have experience with Silverlight and Microsoft.NET development and with consuming data services. The exam measures your capabilities in the following areas:

Arrange content with panels, implement and configure core controls, create user controls, implement a navigation framework, display collections of items, play media files, create or modify control styles, create control templates, create or modify data templates, manipulate visuals, animate visuals, implement behaviors, manage the visual state, handle events, consume services asynchronously, work with background threads, work with dependency properties, interact with attached properties, implement iCommand, format data, implement data binding, create and consume value converters, implement data validation, implement the printing API, create out-of-browser applications, access isolated storage, interact with the HTML DOM, access the clipboard, read from and write to the host file system, handle alternative input methods, create and consume resource dictionaries, implement localization and globalization, handle application-level events, configure the Silverlight plug-in, dynamically load application resources, and create a client access policy.

Good knowledge about the above fields will lead to successful certification attempt bringing you the title of Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS: Silverlight 4, Development). As of achieving the desired level of expertise, the choices may seem plenty, Microsoft 70-506 exam training, course books, e-learning resources, for instance, as well as self-paced tools available across the web. But it requires more than just sticking to one of these options to be able to clear 70-506 exam and actually benefit from your MCTS certification. Microsoft classes and courseware cost high and in wake of the expenditure most of the exam takers tend to look for online materials including questions and answers, practice test, study guide, preparation labs, audio and video exams in order to secure their success.

This is now a known fact that even those cert seekers who participate in IT exams, in general, and Microsoft 70-506 exam, in particular, take the aid of online learning and assessment resources to succeed on the first try of their exam.

There are some good reasons behind the phenomenon: reduced cost and study that it takes into it being the killer features, more suited to the hectic professional routines and tight economic conditions. Interactive software not only offers key materials to master the Silverlight (Microsoft 70-506) exam fundamentals but also keeps track of whatever you've learned from other sources. Plus, accurate evaluation in real-time environment, real PDF questions and answers, and expert instructions that these self-paced training tools render are to help aspirants achieve one projected goal-valuable success on the first attempt.

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