Mar 10, 2013

Silverlight object Tag param list

Dear All,

Since few months, I was developing Silverlight 5 Application, but while Deploying I got confused regarding configuring various param inside the application.

Basically, Integration of Silverlight with HTML can happen through two ways:
1. Using the object Tag.
2. Using the JavaScript helper files.

Here, I have listed out param Configurations with its Description, Type & Default value for object tag for Silverlight in HTML.

1allowHtmlPopupWindowSpecifies whether the HtmlPage.PopupWindow method is allowed.BoolDefaults to true for applications in the same domain, otherwise false.
2autoUpgradeSpecifies whether the plug-in should attempt to upgrade if minRuntimeVersion is newer than the current Silverlight version.BoolTRUE
3backgroundPlug-in background color.Color Codenull i.e. White
4enableAutoZoomIndicates whether the host (for certain platforms) can invoke zoom behavior that increases the DPI.BoolTRUE
5enableCacheVisualizationIndicates whether to use a non-production analysis visualization mode, which shows areas of a page that are being GPU accelerated with a colored overlay. Do not use in production code.BoolFALSE
6enableFramerateCounterIndicates whether to display the current frame rate in the hosting browser's status bar (IE/Win only).BoolFALSE
7enableGPUAccelerationIndicates whether to use graphics processor unit (GPU) hardware acceleration for cached compositions, which potentially results in graphics optimization.BoolFALSE
8enablehtmlaccessSpecifies whether the plug-in has full access to the browser DOM.BoolDefaults to TRUE for applications in the same domain, otherwise FALSE.
9enableNavigationIndicates whether the hosted content in the Silverlight plug-in can use a HyperlinkButton to navigate to external URIs.all: the hosted content can use HyperlinkButton to navigate to any URI.all
none: the hosted content cannot use HyperlinkButton for navigation to an external URI. Relative URIs for internal navigation are still permitted.
10enableRedrawRegionsDetermines whether to visually indicate the areas of the plug-in that are being redrawn with each frame. This property is for performance tuning and visualization during development only; do not specify it for any deployed Silverlight-based application.BoolFALSE
11initParamsUser-defined string of parameters.Comma separated key=value pairs-
12maxframerateSpecifies the maximum number of frames per second that the plug-in can render. The default is 60.Integer60
13minRuntimeVersionSpecifies the earliest version of the Silverlight plug-in required.Version number-
14onErrorError handler for parse and native code run-time errors.JavaScript function name-
15onFullScreenChangedFunction to call when the FullScreen property changes.JavaScript function name-
16onLoadFunction to call when the plug-in has finished loading in the DOM.JavaScript function name-
17onResizeFunction to call when the plug-in size changes.JavaScript function name-
18onSourceDownloadCompleteFunction to call when the source download has completed.JavaScript function name-
19onSourceDownloadProgressChangedFunction to call when the source download progress changes.JavaScript function name-
20onZoomSpecifies the handler for a Zoomed event that occurs when the Silverlight plug-in content area receives a host-generated zoom event.JavaScript function name-
21sourceSpecifies the address or relative path of either an initial XAML file or XAP.URI-
22splashScreenSourceSpecifies a XAML page to use as the splash screen.URI-
23windowlessSpecifies the rendering mode for the plug-in for Windows versions of Silverlight.BoolFALSE

Hope all have found many tags which they might not have came across, but any ways, its basic although I felt to put over my blog.

Do feel free to post your Suggestion & Comments, whether any param is missed up by me. If at all needed I will update this.

Viral Rathod

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